There must be some whitespace in the script before the opening <?php

Lose that and the error should go with it.

Alastair Battrick
Senior Developer
Lightwood Consultancy Ltd 

> I am kind of confused by an error I am getting when trying to destroy a
> session.  Here is the error that I am receiving along with the 
> code that is
> causing the problem.
> Warning: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output
> started at /home/www/wildwebtech/cumc/default.php:9) in
> /home/www/wildwebtech/cumc/default.php on line 10
> <?
>   session_start();
>   $old_user = $cumc_user;  // store  to test if they *were* logged in
>   $result = session_unregister("cumc_user");
>   session_destroy();
> ?>

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