$element[0] = "-".$element[0];
$element[1] = "-".$element[1];
$element[2] = "-".$element[2];
$element[3] = "-".$element[3];

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Hi,thanks for reading this!
This problem has got me beat! I cant figure out how to insert a minus sign 
into each element in an array of strings.
I keep getting the error that the first element in array_push has to be an 
array, no matter what method I've tried, and I cant think of any more!
Im trying to isolate terms in polynommials, which Ive stored in an array m[]

like this:


/*Each element in m has two terms, and I want to isolate these by exploding 
on the minus sign, thus giving me four elements, which then need to have a 
minus inserted into them.

I take one of the four elements in $ss, and for each character I push it 
into a temporary storage array $test, then I reverse $test so the term is in

the correct order, and then I insert the minus sign at the start. But 
funnily enough, there seems to be a flaw in my logic or code. What Ive 
written so far is*/



I would be extremely grateful for anyones assistance, thanks a million,



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