Thanks for your response.  No I did not install a pre-compiled
binary.  I got the tar ball and compiled it myself.  By the way, I am
running PHP version 4.1.1.

Thanks for all the help!

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On Monday, February 18, 2002, at 06:11  PM, Narvaez, Teresa wrote:

> The function call phpinfo() shows register_globals=off for master and
> local
> value on my system.  I installed PHP and did not change anything because
> I
> do not know enough to make changes so I believe off is the default
> value.

Hm.  That's very strange.  Did you install someone else's pre-compiled 
binary?  I know that my 4.1.0 source install ended up with 
register_globals = on by default, and I had to manually change this to 
off.  But that was over a month ago.

There are others on this list more knowledgeable than I about the 
default setup of the php.ini file.  In any event Teresa, you are much 
better off learning PHP with register_globals = off because it will get 
you used to using $_* arrays, as the old globalized means of accessing 
variables has been deprecated.  So don't change anything.  :)



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