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> Hm?  I didn't think that this was the case -- I thought that although 
> there is a long-term move to making 'register_globals = off' default, 
> register_globals is still default to be 'on'.  I think that this is 
> described in the 4.1.0 release announcement.

Indeed, the 4.1.0 release notes say this:

> PHP 4.1.0 still defaults to have register_globals set to on. [...]
> As of the next semi-major version of PHP, new installations of PHP will
> default to having register_globals set to off. No worries! Existing
> installations, which already have a php.ini file that has register_globals
> set to on, will not be affected.

... and the 4.1.1 release notes do not contradict this.  I took "next semi-major 
version" to mean 4.2.0, but if this change has actually occurred in 4.1.1 this should 
be made clear, both in the release notes and the manual section on Configuration.  
Perhaps it would have been better to state an actual version number, rather than an 
opaque phrase like "next semi-major version".



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