Hi Jim,

  There are several ways to accomplish this such as flat files, database records, 
sessions, and the like.  But I prefer to simply include a file (or have the one file 
do both form display and processing) and then you get all your variables:

  // either do you processing and diplay here, or
  include './destination.php';  // with access to all posted vars
else {
  // display your form

  Remember that header() requires a FULLY QUALIFIED DOMAIN NAME and path:

header("Location: http://www.somehost.com/somescript.php";);

and that it is a GET ($REQUEST_METHOD == 'GET').  The fact that some web servers will 
display the page anyway is no reason to depend on that.

  For PHP4+ of course you can use $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] instead.


>I'm sure that this is possible, but I haven't found any info/examples on it
>What I have is a php script that processes data that been submitted by a
>That's OK,...
>At the end of my script, depending upon the processing, I want to GOTO
>another php script, that's also OK, I can simply use the function
>    header("Location:destination.php");
>However, I have a whole lot of variables that were initially submitted, and
>I want to take some of them with me when I go to the new destination.php.
>Now, I know I can just tack them on the end like a POST, but I'd prefer to
>NOT get them there in the URL, like a GET does,... any ideas ??
>Thanks in advance,

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