Hi Jim,

  The header() function call you use below IS doing a GET.  Maybe if you told us why 
you need to redirect to this new page might help.  Simply doing the processing then 
including the new page should work fine, as long as the processing part doesn't do any 
output.  A simple example:

  if (!isset($name))
    echo "Please enter your name!";  // content here or
    require 'http://www.somehost.com/somescript.php'; // $name & $age set


>Thanks for your reply John.
>In fact I'm using the method you describe where the same script is used to
>both display and process the form.
>However, in the area where I'm doing the processing, I want to redirect at
>the end of it and still be able to use some of the variables in the location
>I'm going to go to. Now I know I can just whack them on the end of the
>location header:
>    header("Location:
>But I don't want to use this method, I'd rather something similar to GET.
>BTW I'm using PHP4+
>"John Steele" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
>> Hi Jim,
>>   There are several ways to accomplish this such as flat files, database
>records, sessions, and the like.  But I prefer to simply include a file (or
>have the one file do both form display and processing) and then you get all
>your variables:
>> if ($REQUEST_METHOD == 'POST') {
>>   // either do you processing and diplay here, or
>>   include './destination.php';  // with access to all posted vars
>>   }
>> else {
>>   // display your form
>>   }
>>   Remember that header() requires a FULLY QUALIFIED DOMAIN NAME and path:
>> header("Location: http://www.somehost.com/somescript.php";);
>> and that it is a GET ($REQUEST_METHOD == 'GET').  The fact that some web
>servers will display the page anyway is no reason to depend on that.
>>   For PHP4+ of course you can use $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] instead.
>> HTH,
>>   John
>> >I'm sure that this is possible, but I haven't found any info/examples on
>> >yet,..
>> >
>> >What I have is a php script that processes data that been submitted by a
>> >FORM.
>> >
>> >That's OK,...
>> >
>> >At the end of my script, depending upon the processing, I want to GOTO
>> >another php script, that's also OK, I can simply use the function
>> >
>> >    header("Location:destination.php");
>> >
>> >However, I have a whole lot of variables that were initially submitted,
>> >I want to take some of them with me when I go to the new destination.php.
>> >
>> >Now, I know I can just tack them on the end like a POST, but I'd prefer
>> >NOT get them there in the URL, like a GET does,... any ideas ??
>> >
>> >Thanks in advance,
>> >
>> >Jim.....
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