I recently made a class that gets its info from the NOAA which is free
for public use. 

At the moment it is a little buggy and not quite complete.

You can look at it here http://spectre013.grunews.com/weather

It works for any location in the world by using the 4 character Airport

I will have the source if you want to use it, but at the moment it is in
no condition to be used on a live site.

Thank You
Brian Paulson
Sr. Web Developer

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> Hi People,
> I have been looking around the web lately and have noted a number of 
> sites are running what appears to be php scripts that parse their
> weather information and display it on their wesite.
> Well, I want to do the same, however I have been searching and found 
> nothing that does what I want it to do. The only ones that I can find 
> are either the output style of weather.com (ie all or nothing) or use 
> their own graphics etc to display the data.
> All I want to be able to do is give the current conditions (ie partly
> cloudy) and the current temperature. I haven't decided if I then want
> use this info to create an image or if I will display it as straight 
> text.

I want to do the same thing and I wonder if there are sites which can
give me weather info for European cities (in xml format) for free...

Thanks in advance for your help


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