John Ericson wrote:

> Im programming a page where I have a java-tree-menu that gets generated
> from a db. The code works perfectly but sometimes when a browser reads the
> page I just get half of the page. I have noticed this behaivour on many
> different browsers such as mozilla, netscape, galeon, explorer and even
> wget sometimes.
> The page is here so you can try it yourself (Its a frameset page actually,
> the page with the problem is to the left):
> The actual php page that has the problem is:
> I suspect it is some problem with the configuration of apache or php but
> I dont know where to start looking. 
> Versions:
> PHP 4.1.1 (See
> Apache/1.3.22 (Unix)
> Please CC me since Im not a member of this maillinglist.
The javascript showing up in the left frame is not showing the same as your link to it.

 The page showing up in the frame

is broken. The javascript tags are closed before the script
<script language="JavaScript"></script>


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