> thanks a lot!
> works fine now i've changed register_globals.


> just out of interest, what is the 'newer' way?
> is it using sessions etc, or something else i don't know about?
> or should i rtfm? ;)

Yes it is quicker for me to say "RTFM <reference>", although I wonder if it isn't 
perceived as slightly rude
when I use the acronym in such a context...

Preferred approach is to use: "$HTTP_COOKIE_VARS['username']" rather than "$username".

RTFM security issues in 
which gives a good reason NOT
to do what I suggested earlier (!?) and shows code illustrating/contrasting the two 

The annotated manual is (perhaps surprisingly for open source) v.good and easily 
handled. Chucking "globals" at
the built-in search facility will also render a wealth of further reading - including 
globals in 'sessions'.

Have fun!

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