I'm trying to use a temporary table in mySQL with PHP.  First I tried to
create a temporary table and then query it in the same script. But the
table didn't persist to the second query in the PHP script. 

I found this knowledge base entry:

Where it shows to do all the querying in one swoop.  The problem I'm
having now is that PHP is throwing an error at the first semi-colon.  It
appears that it doesn't want to run multiple query statements in 1 query

I'm using the mySQL pear class in my application, I wouldn't think that
it would have any effect on the problem.

Here is an example of the query I'm attempting.

CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE tmp_events SELECT event_id, event_title FROM
events; INSERT INTO tmp_events SELECT event_id, event_title FROM
special_events; SELECT event_id, event_title FROM tmp_events ORDER BY

But I get an error like:
1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax near '; INSERT INTO

If I echo my SQL statement and paste it into mySQL the query works fine.
Any suggestions that you can offer would be great.

Jeff Bearer, RHCE
2002 EPpy Award, Best Online U.S. Newspaper

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