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I would have to dig around to find the appropriate note in the
documentation, however I seem to recall reading that PHP's MySQL wrappers
intentially prohibit a user from using semicolons- basically to prevent
one's database from being hacked due to a poorly constructed query using
user input.

I can't immediately find a reference to this, though.

As a workaround, you could execute two separate queries and store all of the
results in a 2-D array in memory.

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I'm trying to use a temporary table in mySQL with PHP.  First I tried to
create a temporary table and then query it in the same script. But the
table didn't persist to the second query in the PHP script. 

I found this knowledge base entry:

Where it shows to do all the querying in one swoop.  The problem I'm
having now is that PHP is throwing an error at the first semi-colon.  It
appears that it doesn't want to run multiple query statements in 1 query

I'm using the mySQL pear class in my application, I wouldn't think that
it would have any effect on the problem.

Here is an example of the query I'm attempting.

CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE tmp_events SELECT event_id, event_title FROM
events; INSERT INTO tmp_events SELECT event_id, event_title FROM
special_events; SELECT event_id, event_title FROM tmp_events ORDER BY

But I get an error like:
1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax near '; INSERT INTO

If I echo my SQL statement and paste it into mySQL the query works fine.
Any suggestions that you can offer would be great.

Jeff Bearer, RHCE
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