I wonder if someone can point me in the direction of an example and / or
some documentation for the following task:

I have a DB table containing the name and contents of plain text files
that users have uploaded. I have a facility which allows users to view
these, but I would also like the users to be able to *download* these
files (i.e. display an 'open from present location / save to disk'
dialogue). I am thinking that this would be accomplished by including a
few META data lines at the top of a .php script, but would  this allow
me to specify the default saved name?

e.g. there is record in the DB for a file called "test.dat". I have a
form that will submit to something like download_file.php, which will
then (given the file id) obtain the appropriate data from the database
and prompt the user whether they wish to open the file or save it (this
will be the built-in dialogue with the browser). On selecting the save
option, the default file name will appear as "test.dat" as opposed to

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank very much in

- Best regards,

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