In the download_file.php put a header() function which redirects the
browser to the file, like header("Location: test.dat"). After that it
should show the dialog screen.

On Mon, 25 Feb 2002, Lee P Reilly wrote:

> Hi,
> I wonder if someone can point me in the direction of an example and / or
> some documentation for the following task:
> I have a DB table containing the name and contents of plain text files
> that users have uploaded. I have a facility which allows users to view
> these, but I would also like the users to be able to *download* these
> files (i.e. display an 'open from present location / save to disk'
> dialogue). I am thinking that this would be accomplished by including a
> few META data lines at the top of a .php script, but would  this allow
> me to specify the default saved name?
> e.g. there is record in the DB for a file called "test.dat". I have a
> form that will submit to something like download_file.php, which will
> then (given the file id) obtain the appropriate data from the database
> and prompt the user whether they wish to open the file or save it (this
> will be the built-in dialogue with the browser). On selecting the save
> option, the default file name will appear as "test.dat" as opposed to
> download_file.php.
> Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank very much in
> advance.

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