there's htmlentities or something like that - try that w/ your hidden field

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Stupid question for everyone... i'm just having one of those braindead

I have a page which allows users to add custom headers and footers in HTML.
(i.e. Fill in a text area with a bunch of html, and that's stored in a mysql
database and retrived when that user logs in again).

The problem i'm having is this:

When a users fills in all the info, and hits submit, they are taken to a
preview page which renders everything and has an accept button.
If i try to store the header and footer data in a hidden input it just
renders it on the screen (if it's more than one line it gets even worse).

How can i get this info (variable w/ strings that are QUITE long, and
include quotes and apostrophes) from the form they are entered on, into a
preview page, then back into the script to be written into the database?

I have thought about sessions, and they work until the user decides they
dont like the way it turned out and try to discard and change it, even after
re-registering the variables in the session, they do not change to the new

I hope someone out there can make sence of what i have said... because i
think i confused even myself.... ;)

Thanks for any help!

//Nick Richardson

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