> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Daniel alsÚn) wrote:
>  > Hi,
> >
>  > how do i display return values from functions?
>  > Ie i want to see whether mail() returns TRUE or FALSE.
> echo mail(...);
> shows the return value, then you can do:
> if (mail(...)) {
>   //sent ok
> } else {
>   //not sent
> }

Hmm, in the case of mail that should probably be:

if (mail(...)) {
  //passed that off to the smtp server/mail binary OK: whether it drops
  // it on the floor who knows
} else {
  //not sent

A true return from mail() doesn't necessarily mean that the mail will 
actually get anywhere; it just means that mail() has successfully passed 
it on to whatever process is configured to handle mail.

David Robley
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