I've done some stuff on my site in PHP...  certainly not big name, 
and maybe or maybe not cool depending on what you're into.  
(my yahoo like directory of links)  
(an semi-abandoned personalization engine... still cool to play with though) 
(a XML-RPC based spell checker)

And finally, not my work, but something I will be deploying soon: 
(a cool GPL message board written in PHP)

>  "Chris Lott" 
>-----  "cool" PHP sites
>-----  Tue, 26 Feb 2002 10:07:55 -0900
>It strikes me that my students really don't have a good grasp of >what PHP
>is capable of doing, since they are getting bogged down in learning >the
>minutiae of the language itself. So (quickly if possible-- I'd like >to demo
>some sites tonight) what are some examples of "cool" and publically
>accessible sites that use PHP? I'm looking for sites that >demonstrate what
>PHP can do, examples of "big name" sites using PHP, etc. 
>I can explain how the back end technology is working if I have some >good
>sites to use as a framework. I'd like to keep them excited about the
>potential, you know?

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