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> Question I have is, Anyway know of a better way to store temp
> information?
> I have a problem that a script I use, uses many pages and after each
> page the information from the form
> Is stored and the next page is shown ect....
> It uses more than 20 variables so I can not store the data in cookies.
> I could store the data in a temp file created but problem is that the
> webserver would need to create
> The file which is a security risk (I would like to find another way
> other than this).
> I don't really want to use sessions but if it's the last resort I guess
> I will have to.
> Other than the above any one have a better soluition?
> Running php 4.1.1 on RH7.2
> -------
> Chris Kay, Eleet Internet Services

Perhaps you could store the values, once entered, in hidden fields and 
pass them that way?

David Robley
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