try creating a script with fopen(), fwrite(), etc.

When you run into problems, ask here.

$filex = fopen("myfile","w");
fwrite( $filex, "write this here");

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Hey All,
        I have recently been trying to create some logs for the install
script I
have been making (to make it easier for me to diagnose problems) but I am
wondering how to create and write to text files. I know about the fopen()
and fwrite() functions, which theoretically should enable me to do this
however I am not exactly sure how I should go about this. Also, I realize
that there is limited formatting I can have with text, however I would like
to know if its possible to control the line spacing between the entries, and
whether or not its possible to indent lines. Lastly, are text files a good
idea for logs? Do any of you use anything else I should be aware of?

Thanks for all your help!

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