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>Help me!!!Can I use PHP to send SMS message???If yes, how can I use it???
>(((Please e-mail the answer to me [EMAIL PROTECTED])))
One very cheeky way of doing this would be to sign up to one of the free 
SMS services on the web (such as lycos mobile) and set up a PHP script 
that can "pretend" to be a browser, log in to your account and post a 
message to the "send SMS" form. You could do this using something along 
the lines of CURL or Snoopy (I recommend  Snoopy as it doesn't require 
anything to be installed on your web server):


You would have to figure out how the authentication scheme for your 
chosen web-based SMS service works (most of them use cookies). The main 
disadvantage is that it's a bit of a dirty hack and it would stop 
working if the free web service went down or changed the way its 
authentication / SMS form worked. Free services also tend to limit you 
to a certain number of messages a day.

The professional alternative is to invest in some kind of web to SMS 
gateway, but I think that's quite an expensive option.

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