If you had a suitable cable, phone and controlling software, You could send
the SMS using the mobile phone. Not sure how you interface with external
apps from PHP though.

"Frank Hertogs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Another way of doing it is thru an e-mail to sms gateway; free or paid.
> That way you could make a simple form and use mail();
> Just a thought.
> Frank.
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> Van: Simon Willison [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Verzonden: donderdag 28 februari 2002 12:30
> Aan: hei
> Onderwerp: Re: [PHP] Help me!!!Can I use PHP to send SMS message???
> hei wrote:
> >Help me!!!Can I use PHP to send SMS message???If yes, how can I use
> it???
> >
> >
> >(((Please e-mail the answer to me [EMAIL PROTECTED])))
> >
> One very cheeky way of doing this would be to sign up to one of the free
> SMS services on the web (such as lycos mobile) and set up a PHP script
> that can "pretend" to be a browser, log in to your account and post a
> message to the "send SMS" form. You could do this using something along
> the lines of CURL or Snoopy (I recommend  Snoopy as it doesn't require
> anything to be installed on your web server):
> http://snoopy.sourceforge.net/
> You would have to figure out how the authentication scheme for your
> chosen web-based SMS service works (most of them use cookies). The main
> disadvantage is that it's a bit of a dirty hack and it would stop
> working if the free web service went down or changed the way its
> authentication / SMS form worked. Free services also tend to limit you
> to a certain number of messages a day.
> The professional alternative is to invest in some kind of web to SMS
> gateway, but I think that's quite an expensive option.
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