I am on the Gotfusion.com team, formerly Team NetObjects. We are a group of technical 
professionals providing assistance to web developers who use NetObjects Fusion.

Given the many requests wanting to know how to incorporate PHP into NOF, We are 
currently writing a PHP /mySQL tutorial in Fusion for these users. If interest holds, 
we may also consider developing a suite of components for our "non-coding" developers.

So, here is my question:

What are the pros and cons of using PHP_SELF over a calling script when manipulating 
data in a form? Development books show either or both with no preference given. What 
is considered good form over bad? What is technically cleaner vs. technically faster?  
What are the hardware pitfalls?  In developing a tutorial, we at gotfusion would like 
to include these pointers or "cautions" to give our developers enough information to 
make an informed decision as to which method to choose (both methods are in the 

Please post here so that anyone else may also read and perhaps learn something. If you 
know of any links to sites that have more info on this, please also feel free to post 

Thanks for your help and assistance.  
Tami Burke
Team Gotfusion  (www.gotfusion.com)
Honey House Designs (www.honeyhousedesigns.com)

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