I'm building a website buider app and I'm giving users a
url of the form  username.mysite.com but I want to redirect
all url's that end with mysite.com to a script and query
the db based on username.I've learned that I need to use
mod_rewrite for this.The documentation suggests that this will cause
extra load on the cpu.should I be worried about this?
I'm hosting with a third party.What will their reaction to this be.
Has anyone done this sort of thing and is it advisable.
I don't want to redirect from a 404 page as there's a search engine issue with that.
As a side issue,there may be a lot of database updating
involed in the site and i'm wondering should i use mysql(i am at the moment).
any real world examples of the performance of mysql?I know it's great for selects.
adrian murphy

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