Smarty 2.0 is out!

The most notable new things:

*) Smarty has been rewritten with an underlying plugin architecture,
   so adding functions, modifiers, compiler functions, prefilters,
   postfilters, resources, and insert functions is as easy as dropping
   a file into the plugin directory.

*) Performance, performance, performance! The benchmark page shows the
   huge steps Smarty has made in performance, as well as comparisons to
   other well known template engines.

*) Completely reorganized documentation, available in HTML and PDF.

*) Smarty no longer depends on PEAR.

Version 2.0.0
    - added "eval" function plugin for evaluating variables as
      templates. (Monte)
    - removed $tpl_file_ext class variable, no longer used. (Monte)
    - added "hex" and "hexentity" escape types to escape modifier.
    - removed dependency on PEAR. (Andrei)
    - update popup_init to accept src attribute. (Monte, Duncan Forrest)
    - implemented several optimizations, speeding up Smarty
      significantly in most cases. (Andrei,Monte)
    - implemented plugin architecture. (Andrei)
    - added wordwrap and indent modifiers. (Monte)
    - added support for 'If-Modified-Since' headers for cached content.
    - removed insert_tag_check class variable, no longer needed. (Monte)
    - optimized cache fetches by scanning for insert tags only if they
      exist. (Monte)
    - fixed bugs in overlib. (Monte, Duncan Forrest)
    - fixed a problem with compile_id usage. (Andrei)
    - fixed problem with using assigned vars with {include_php ...}
      filepath. (Monte)

Director of Technology, ispi Inc.

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