Hmm, I'm assuming you're paying someone to host your site?  Can't you give
the hosting company a quick call or e-mail re: whether or not they offer
MySQL?  They would probably know better than we would. ;)


> Thanks for the advice... But now I need to know what all this means:
> /home/chiliasp/odbc/direct/locale/en_US/LC_MESSAGES/ivmysql15.po
> /home/sites/home/web/CFIDE/administrator/datasources/drivers/myodb
> c_mysql.cfm
> /home/sites/home/web/CFIDE/administrator/datasources/drivers/mysql.cfm
> /home/sites/home/web/CFIDE/administrator/server_settings/drivers/mysql.cfm
> /home/coldfusion/lib/locale/en_US/LC_MESSAGES/
> /home/coldfusion/lib/
> /home/coldfusion/scripts/mysql_expire.cfm

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