> > Using mod_perl I can write a module for any phase that Apache
> > goes through while handling a request. Based upon any variables I
> > want, I can tell Apache to have my module handle one of those
> > phases. So when you request this url for example:
> >
> > http://www.mydomain.com/joe.html
> >
> > My module can take joe.html and insert it as the body of a
> > template and then return that to your browser or if you request
> > something else like
> >
> > http://www.mydomain.com/image_of_joe.gif
> >
> > then my module just declines to handle that and apache continues
> > through it's phases.
> No, mod_php can't do that - at least not at this current stage.  I
> *thought* I'd heard some rumblings of some of the PHP team looking to
> address the issue of allowing PHP more access to the Apache request
> cycle.  I think there's 7 stages, and PHP is only hooked in to one
> stage, IIRC.
> Maybe it was Rasmus in a recent interview who suggested there might be
> tighter integration with Apache, I don't know.  Perhaps this is also
> something for Apache 2, down the road,

Yes, I started this work and was hoping there would be more interest out
there.  If you look at the apache_hooks CVS branch you will see the code
needed to register a PHP script to handle the url translation request
stage.  Each of the other stages would be implemented the same way.


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