On Friday 03 May 2002 12:51, Jason Soza wrote:
> Hoping someone can help me here. I'm working with someone else's code and
> I'm not familiar with ereg_replace(), can someone provide me an alternative
> to the following?
> ereg_replace("[^a-z0-9._]", "",
> ereg_replace (" ", "_",
> ereg_replace("%20", "_",
> strtolower($original_name))));
> Basically, I want to enter $original_name and have it come out $new_name,
> converting all spaces to underscores, upper to lowercase, and whatever that
> first line does. :)
> I've read through the manual and what I got was that preg_replace() is
> probably faster... Anyhow, I looked up preg_replace() and as a newbie to
> PHP, the given examples look like a language all their own.

What you're doing is not particularly complicated and can be done using 

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