Ive just found a rather weird bug that im experiencing. Im running PHP 4.1.2
with Apache 1.3.23 on Linux Redhat 7. When ever I try and use variable $id
it always has a value of 1 no matter what. It only does it if its in a get,
think a post too. I can hard code it in a script and itll have a correct
value but in a GET it gets messed up. Ive tried running it several ways of
having it be first in the list or last, no matter what its always 1.

url = http://www.domain.com/test.php?id=12345&name=Kalamazoo

File :
echo "name = $name<br>";
echo "id = $id<br>";
echo "<a href=\"$PHP_SELF?id=12345&name=Kalamazoo\">click</a>";

Result :
name = Kalamazoo
id = 1
click ( http://www.domain.com/test.php?id=12345&name=Kalamazoo )

Anyone have any ideas what this could come from?

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