> I don't really remember the tutorial very well.  I thought it 
> did a fine  job of explaining some of the basics... I spent a few hours 
> with it and  felt pretty good.  However, I agree that it's not a good 
> intro to PHP's basic features. 

I stumbled on php a few years ago, and that was my intro too.  It is a good tutorial 
for getting started and seeing what can be done with php but not as a model for 
programming in php. My philosphy is that code maintainability is more important than 
efficiency and logic ought to be clear to the next person to pick up the code.

> Finally, I picked up a very recent book, "Visual QuickPro 
> Advanced PHP" by Larry Ullman or something.  This is a lot 
> better, since 
> he tries to use XHTML and actually spends a few pages talking about 
> coding style.  It wasn't until I read this book that I decided to 
> abandon embedding PHP in HTML altogether and switched to templates, 
> which is a lot neater.

I agree whole heartedly with your thoughts on templates.  Separation of code and 
content makes the code easier to read. The same can be done by placing all of the code 
at the top of the script, but the html still must have php in it, and that weakens the 
readablility of the script.

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