Erik Price wrote:

> I haven't seen yet a tutorial that teaches coding from the perspective
> of using register_globals off, which I think is pretty important
> (personal opinion).  It's not that hard to pick up, though, once you've
> gotten started.  Still, I think it makes  alot more sense to do so since
> it helps the new user remember that variable $x is actually in the $_GET
> array for example.

You surprise me.

One of my most favourite features of php is that I don't have to know that
$x is actually in the $_GET array, or post array or cookie array or session
array or environment array.

It's not just that it seems like Perl geekery.  I quite specifically do not
want my code to be specific to a particular request/calling method.  To my
eyes, it is much more powerful if it can be used from a form, or a  link, or
the command line, possibly with overrides from cookies or sessions,  without
changing a line of code!

So, why do you want to know where $x came from?


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