remove the "name" from the submit
so it's just: <input type=submit VALUE="Get Quote">

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OK, changing from post to get gets me what I'm after. Thanks guys. Something
odd though.

If I type in RHAT and hit enter, I get this URL which is what I want.

If I type in RHAT and click submit button, I get this URL which I don't

How do I get rid of the extra    &submitquote=Get+Quote   in the URL?
Why is enter and submit acting differently?


Craig ><>

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Use <form action="quotestest.php" method="get">
This will work as long as the form is not too big


  <form action="quotestest.php" method="post">

<input type=text name="quote" maxlength=10 size=10>
<input type=submit name="submitquote" VALUE="Get Quote">


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