On Tuesday 05 March 2002 10:52, Craig Westerman wrote:
> OK, changing from post to get gets me what I'm after. Thanks guys.
> Something odd though.
> If I type in RHAT and hit enter, I get this URL which is what I want.
> quotestest.php?quote=RHAT
> If I type in RHAT and click submit button, I get this URL which I don't
> like.
> quotestest.php?quote=RHAT&submitquote=Get+Quote
> How do I get rid of the extra    &submitquote=Get+Quote   in the URL?
> Why is enter and submit acting differently?

I think whether the "&submitquote=Get+Quote" appears in the URL or not 
depends on the browser. Some browsers (Opera), submits the 'whole' form when 
you press enter, and it's equivalent to clicking on "Submit". Others (IE), do 
not send the 'whole' form and is not equivalent to clicking on "Submit".

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