On Tuesday 05 March 2002 20:58, Team GotFusion wrote:
> I have people telling me that I MUST put the <?include?> file before or
> inside the header of the .php file I am writing before a script is pulled
> into my file. I usually just put the <?include?> whereever I need it on the
> page. Actually have it embedded in an IF statement, so that if the
> conditions are not met, the script is not run and there is no need to pull
> in the script.  It works fine....
> Is placing the include at the top absolutely required, good programming
> convention or just preferred?

Simply put, you can place them wherever you want. Obviously if your include 
file defines certain variables then common sense dictates that you include it 
before you refer to those variables.

All this and more is covered in the manual.

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