Yes, this is acceptable.  Normally, include and require go at the top of the
page out of convention.  However, there is no requirement that they be
there.  Just be careful. it's an accepted convention because it's a good
idea.  Make sure you know what you are doing when you break with the

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Subject: [PHP] <?include?>... another dumb question

I have people telling me that I MUST put the <?include?> file before or
inside the header of the .php file I am writing before a script is pulled
into my file. I usually just put the <?include?> whereever I need it on the
page. Actually have it embedded in an IF statement, so that if the
conditions are not met, the script is not run and there is no need to pull
in the script.  It works fine....

Is placing the include at the top absolutely required, good programming
convention or just preferred?

thanks, Tami
Team GotFusion

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