Hi all,

I am sure this is a very simple question, but after reading reams of doco I
still can't find the answer.   I am very new to PHP and HTML coding.   

I have a form (html) that uses radio buttons that goes to some PHP code -
how in the PHP code can I tell which radio button was selected?

My HTML code (which is inside another PHP page) is as follows   

<form action="admin.php" method="GET">
<input type="radio"  name="admin_do[]" value="Add new user">Add new
<input type="radio"  name="admin_do[]" value="Change User password">Change
User password</br>
<input type="radio"  name="admin_do[]" value="Delete user">Delete User</br>
<input type="radio"  name="admin_do[]" value="Add new document">Add new
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Select"

I have tried various things in admin.php but nothing gives me which radio
button was selected.



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