Thanks Matt,

I've got it working now - there must be another admin_do[] somewhere - I
changed it to adm_do and it worked!

Thanks for your help


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> the only value I get is the $admin_do which has the value "Array" - not
> help

Running your code on my 4.1.2 box, I see:
submit =
select =
value is Change User password
admin_do is
Change User password counter = 0 value is
counter = 1 value is
counter = 2 value is
counter = 3 value is
counter = 4 value is

I recommend the you add phpinfo() to the admin.php script, and look at the
variables at the bottom of the page.  That will help you greatly.  Also you
could print_r($HTTP_POST_VARS) and see whats there.

If you are getting an array, then you have something in the form you're not
showing us, such as admin_do[].

If you have register_globals off,  you can't use references to $submit, you
must either use  $_POST['submit']  or $HTTP_POST_VARS['submit'], where
'submit' is the field name in the form that you are interested in at the

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