> As you said:
> > OOP had answer to all of this. Modules that can't be touched, 
> > which exist by themselves. You could really get a module from 
> > somebody else and put it right into your program. 

<general bitch mode>
The problem I have with this is that when I do this, the class
just plain doesn't work (shoddy coding). For example, let's look
at MIME-encoding attachments to emails. I downloaded about 3 or 4 
classes and tried to get them to work (using their own example
code). Bzzt. Nothing, nada, syntax errors and logic errors 

In the end I went back to the book which recommended the classes,
and wrote functions to accept an array of filenames to attach to
the email body using the logic in the book.
</general bitch mode>

Apparently everyone I've sent my function to finds it a lot
easier to integrate and use :)

Maybe the quality of existing freely-available PHP OOP-based 
code just ain't there.


Jason Murray
Web Developer, Melbourne IT
"Work now, freak later!"

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