I have been working on updating my user auth section.

to authorise users I 

have a simple select * from my_users
if there is a matching row I register the input from a text box (username
and password textboxs)

once I have the username and passsword registered as a sessaion var I want
to do another authorisation - not dependant on a text box but from the
results of the select so I now do.

extra_auth_query="select * from my_users where acount_name
='$login_username' and account_password=PASWORD('$login_pasword')";


Within the select * I return a column called "auth_level", 

I now want to be able to do this

if $auth_level from the select I have just ran =A
        register the auth level as a session var
        echo "you are not allowed in this area get out...."

can anyone help with how to get and register the auth_level



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