What exactly are you trying to accomplish here?

In my script I have a login form.
On the valdation script all my session vars are registered.
I run a script to check to see if the username and password are auth.
If they are I then run some scripts to set the values of the various 
session variables.
If not auth then I unregister all the variables and show the login form again.

I also have a similiar thing in my page scripts of looking for a higher 
value in on of the session variables to grant a user more access to the site.

So in this


>if $auth_level from the select I have just ran =A
>         $some_variable = 'authorized';
>         echo "you are not allowed in this area get out...."

Then on all my pages I would check to see if $some_variable is set to 
authorized if not then get out.


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