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> The problem is that on the windows platform all information 
> is returned. On
> the linux platform the "$Details" variable is not populated. 
> The nothing
> changes...so what could it be. The only thing I can think of 
> is that maybe
> the version of php is different on the linux server.

Sounds like a good bet, since the online manual entry for strtok says the following:

"The behavior when an empty part was found changed with PHP 4.1.0. The old behavior 
returned an empty string, while the new, correct, behavior simply skips the part of 
the string..."

So, if you have a line like this:

   cat|sku|name||9.99|image1|image2|yes|8.99|Massive reduction on widgets!|

version prior to 4.1.0 would return 10 values (including a null 4th value for 
SubCategory), whereas from 4.1.0 onward you would get only the 9 non-null values.

Thus, if you can legitimately have null values for any of your fields, using the 
split/explode route as previously suggested is definitely the way to go: explode('|', 
$cartFile[$i]) will return an array of the field values, including nulls, regardless 
of PHP version; you can then work with the array elements, or assign them to scalar 
variables using the list() construct.

NOTE: explode('|', '|a|b|') will actually return an array with 4 elements, as explode 
"sees" empty fields before the first delimiter and after the last -- you can, of 
course, simply ignore these, but you need to be aware that they're there if this is 
how your lines are formatted.



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