someone was helping me with this last night at home, but now I am in work I
am still struggling.

I have a user_auth script what works fine, it registers the username and
password as session variables then matches them to the rows entered in the
database - if they don't match it unregisters the session vars, if it does i
would like to ti register a new sesson var called user_auth_level (ie how
much authorisation this user has) this is the part of the script that does
that. When I print the $user_auth_level I get null ? can any one help. 



else {
$auth_select = "select account_admin_level from account_details where
$run_auth_select = mysql_query($auth_select);
$run_auth_select_results = mysql_fetch_row($run_auth_select);

$user_auth_level = $run_auth_select_results[0];


<FONT FACE=arial COLOR=white SIZE=3>
<H1> Access Granted </H1>
Welcome you are fully logged into testsite.com
your access level is <? print $user_auth_level ?>



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