Could be several things ...

> else {
> session_register("user_auth_level");
> $auth_select = "select account_admin_level from account_details where
> username='$login_username'";

Perhaps echo the sql statement here so you can see what you're trying to do.

> $run_auth_select = mysql_query($auth_select);

Check if the query was successful here. Success meaning the statement was valid; not 
that you got a result.  If it's not successful, then there's something wrong with the 
sql statement.

> $run_auth_select_results = mysql_fetch_row($run_auth_select);

Check here if you have a row before accessing the dataset below.  If you don't then 
take some error handling action such as redisplaying login with a message that the 
user wasn't found.

> $user_auth_level = $run_auth_select_results[0];
> ?>

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