Filippo Veneri wrote:

> When uploading image files to my powerpc linux box (derived
> from redhat 7.1) running apache + php4.0.4pl1 something
> wierd happen.
> Images get corrupted by (IMHO) php itself. It adds the
> following 2 lines at the top of the file:
> Content-Type: image/jpeg^M
> ^M
> ...(rergular image file data)
> (as displayed by my text editor, vim).
> It seems a bug, as uploading images to another machine
> (a i386 debian 2.2 box) works as expected.
> Is this a known issue/bug?
> thanks,
>         fbv

Wierd, sounds like it could be a bug.  What's the actual code you use
for the upload?

I presume you are running vim from the command line of the box to which
the image is
uploaded.  Content-Type: image/jpeg is, of course, what Apache would add
if you requested a .jpg file over
the web.

Good Luck,


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