George Whiffen wrote:

> Wierd, sounds like it could be a bug.  What's the actual code you use
> for the upload?
> I presume you are running vim from the command line of the box to which
> the image is
> uploaded.  Content-Type: image/jpeg is, of course, what Apache would add
> if you requested a .jpg file over
> the web.
> Good Luck,
> George

The code i use is a trivial variant of that presented in PHP
documentation. The exact same code works fine on the debian
i386 machine, which runs apache 1.3.9 + PHP 4.0.3pl1.

The powerpc linux box is my developement machine, not the
deployment one, so this is not a terrible problem. I still have
the debian to develop on. Besides that, the upcoming update from
yellowdog linux should solve my problem on the ppc box as well.



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