As a newbie at PHP (and relative newcomer to HTML and web design) I've been 
wading through documentation trying to accomplish various tasks. However, I'm 
stumped on how to proceed with the following:

I would like a web vistor to be able to select a row from a table that has 
been generated from a query. The problem is I don't know how to code a 
paricular column (using the present <td> . . </td> syntax of the table) so 
that each cell would have a "clickable" element (perhaps the 'ID' number). 

Once that cell is clicked, I would like to code 'onclick=some_function()'

Does this sound reasable way of approaching the problem, or is there a better 
way. [Btw, at present, while learning PHP, I am using global_variables=on, 
but would like to try $PHP_SELF method to pick up session variables.]

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as well as pointers of where to look!

Tia, Andre

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