If you mean what I think you mean:

<TD><A HREF="somewhere.php?somevar=something">Some Text (ID?)</A></TD>

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> Sent: Sunday, 10 March 2002 12:13 AM
> Subject: [PHP] Selecting a Queried Row
> As a newbie at PHP (and relative newcomer to HTML and web design) I've
> been
> wading through documentation trying to accomplish various tasks.
> I'm
> stumped on how to proceed with the following:
> I would like a web vistor to be able to select a row from a table that
> been generated from a query. The problem is I don't know how to code a
> paricular column (using the present <td> . . </td> syntax of the
table) so
> that each cell would have a "clickable" element (perhaps the 'ID'
> Once that cell is clicked, I would like to code
> Does this sound reasable way of approaching the problem, or is there a
> better
> way. [Btw, at present, while learning PHP, I am using
> but would like to try $PHP_SELF method to pick up session variables.]
> Any help would be greatly appreciated, as well as pointers of where to
> look!
> Tia, Andre
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