>From http://www.pdflib.com/pdflib/faq.html:

"This demo stamp appears when one of our binaries distributed by PDFlib GmbH 
is used. It can be disabled by purchasing a PDFlib license, and applying the 
delivered license key (serial) at runtime with the PDF_set_parameter() 
function as indicated in the manual. With the ActiveX/COM edition of PDFlib 
the serial can also be supplied during the installation process."

I have a license key, now what parameters do I pass PDF_set_parameter()? The 
PHP man doesn't say, nor does the PDFLib man (so far as I can tell). Any help 
would be greatly appreciated- I'm getting pretty frustrated.

Thanks in advance,
Evan Nemerson


"Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writings, so that you 
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