On Sun, 17 Mar 2002, Ben Edwards wrote:
> I have a html report and am looking into using phplib to generate a pdf 
> instead.  I have got it installed and started experimenting with it but 
> ether it is extremely convoluted or I am missing something.  How would I 
> create a simple list report (the type you would do in a table).  It seems 
> all I can to is specify X/Y coordinates and print text.  Don't know how 
> many pages the report will be for a start.

I haven't found it to be particularly easy. It works okay for simple 
things - our example being a web-based generator for simple office 
stationery like business cards and envelopes - but for serious text 
processing you should probably look into adding a few pieces to the 

You can easily generate, for instance, RTF from a database and then pipe
it through any of several freely-available programs that will turn that
into a PDF. This way you don't have to deal with painful details like page
breaks, word wrapping and line lengths, etc.


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