Hi All

I am having a problem with two pieces of software written in PHP
interfering with each
other's sessions.

That software is Squirrelmail, and another piece of software I have written
(a web-based
administration site for schools). I think part of the problem might lie in
the cookies that
are being set.

Squirrelmail exists at: https://blah.server.com/squirrelmail/ and the other
piece of software
resides at https://blah.server.com/ict/. So I figure perhaps cookies are
overwriting each
other because they are being set for blah.server.com and not the whole

I am using PHP4 sessions. Is there any way I can make these two sessions
distinct? The problem
is these sites are often used at the same time, in different windows. In
fact my site often launches
Squirrelmail, and at that point they automatically lose their login to my
site because the cookie


Adam Whitehead
Systems Developer - CSM Limited
Ph. (08) 8936 3165 ** Mobile (0411) 241 120

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