On Mar 12 Mar 2002 12:26, you wrote:
> don't know exactly if anybody will understand what I am asking, but any
> help would be appreciated.
> I am taking a value off a web page, posting this value to another web page,
> where more values are taken and submitted to a php page. The problem is
> that the first value (taken from the initial web page) is not known on the
> php page. Is there a way to submit this value from the second page, to the
> php page. All the other values (from the second page) are known on the php
> page. i.e. if I echo $inp (the value from the first web page) on the php
> page, there is no value. sorry if I did not explain that very well, any
> ideas. Thanks a million

Post it with a hidden input, or on the URL.

Porqué usar una base de datos relacional cualquiera,
si podés usar PostgreSQL?
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