At 08.04.2002  11:33, you wrote:
>How does that tell you where something is?
>Quick quiz, some obvious high-profile examples off the top of my head:

Ok, Ok I have to add more details to my mail.
If you need more informations, after retrieving the IP
you could visit the local NIC-database,(f.e. using snoopy (I like this tool 
;-) ) )
and request detailed user informations.
But then, you have to check out a lot of databases around the world,
to get the location of the domains owner, and also have to do heavy
programming, parsing the different informations. Also most of these databases
limit the daily requests, so you´ll need some time to get these informations.
Even if it is illegal to collect these informations automaticly (see according
informations, onb these sites)

But, maybe you could ask your clients from where they are?

I hope NOW the question is solved to everyones satisfaction ;-)

>On Mon, 8 Apr 2002, SHEETS,JASON (Non-HP-Boise,ex1) wrote:
> > Rather than executing a system utility you can just use the built in PHP
> > functions.
> >
> > gethostbyaddr() - resolves an IP address into a hostname
> > gethostbyname() - resolves hostname into an IP address
> >
> > >
> > >How to convert or discover from IPadress country visitors on my web ?
> > >
> > >roman
> > You have to make a DNSLOOKUP
> > If you have a linux box (server setup) you can use
> > system("nslookup -timeout=3 -retry=1 ".$value)
> > where $value is the IP-Number. This gives you the
> > "real" name of the server your client asked from.
> > the you have to extract the national-code, and got your
> > country, or org, mil, com
> >
> > HTH Oliver
> >
> >
> >

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